Race report from San Diego, California.

Tales will be told about the 2019 San Diego Supercross. The rain in the forecast set the tone for a mudder, but the track in San Diego quickly became a quagmire of biblical proportions once the skies opened up on Saturday afternoon.
Mud races are survival races for most Supercross riders, but for a New England native like Jimmy D, the mud is simply a taste of home. As the rain let up and the mud began to tack and settle, Jimmy took a solid fourth place in his heat, awaiting the main event when the track couldn't possibly be any worse.
But it was. By the 250 main event, the track had deteriorated into an amalgam of quicksand-like mud and ruts that made no discernible sense whatsoever. The gate dropped, and immediately the riders became practically unrecognizable as they were covered by a blanket of rich mud before hitting third gear. Luckily, in a race where the start was everything, Jimmy managed to get out of the first turn unscathed and with the top five.
As the race progressed, the directive was simple: Stay on two wheels as long as possible. Jimmy and the rest of the pack crawled around the muddy track, in probably the slowest Supercross battles of all time. Jimmy worked his way up to fourth and pulled away from the pack behind him as he chased the top three.
Mud races always mean drama, and for Jimmy that came on the final lap of the race, when third placed rider Dylan Ferrandis' Yamaha gave out with just a few turns to go. Unable to finish, Ferrandis' misfortune meant that Jimmy D took his first podium of the 2019 seaon.
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